Industry Accolades

Roger Love
Number 1 Speech Trainer & Vocal Coach in America
You’re perfect.”

Jeff Goldblum
Primetime Emmy Nominated Actor & Academy Award Nominated Director
Wow! I can’t believe how you did. You were so good. Oh my God.

Jordan Brady
Nashville Film Festival Award-Winning Writer/Director
When I cast Cecily, I needed someone that could hold her own on screen with Ashton Kutcher. Cecily delivered and more, bringing subtle nuance and sharp comedic performance to the piece. Her finesse and boldness is a treat to work with.”

Gunnar Todd Rohrbacher
Backstage Expert Contributor, Co-Founder Actors Comedy Studio
Cecily has a winning combination of charm, warmth and offbeat humor which she always brings to her work. Time and again she’s able to take the character on the page and make her more complex and likable than you might have imagined on the first read through. She’s a breeze to work with and always nails adjustments and redirects. If you need to cast a teacher, mom or neighborhood busybody, Cecily’s your gal.”

Todd Sherry
Patrick Rush Casting, Casting Associate for Men In Trees, Chuck, The OC
I believe wholeheartedly in actors bringing themselves to a role because I think that’s what makes it believable. Cecily Gish knows what she’s selling, makes great choices as an actor, and commits wholeheartedly. In my opinion, she’s a great actor and very cast-able.”