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A lot of people will tell you that a “professional” website must be written in the third-person. Believe you me: I am very professional, but I am decidedly not hoity-toity. So, here’s what you get instead of the usual actor website landing page: A bunch of fun stuff about me! Rest assured, it won’t be a list of my credits (that’s what my Resume page is for).

  • Native Californian (more elusive than leprechauns and unicorns)
  • The oldest of 2, or the middle of 4 children – depending which parent you ask
  • Excellent speller
  • Allergic to bacon
  • Designed my home’s solar panel array
  • I use too many semicolons, but I use them correctly (you’ll see as you keep reading)
  • Guilty of over-sharing so, if you have questions about me, feel free to ask!
  • I believe secrets should be reserved for surprise birthday parties because secrets isolate us from each other and inclusion is what I’m all about!

I know…these fun (I’m using that term loosely) facts are probably not why you’re reading this. So, without further ado: The obligatory “About Me!”

My performing career began at the age of three when I was enrolled in a ballet class in Angel’s Camp, CA. Technically, it was a ballet/tap/tumbling class, but we all know I was there for the ballet. In fact, that’s what I thought I was going to be when I grew up: a ballerina! Sadly, I grew waaaaaay too fast (with no end in sight), so I switched to singing. I was in a community kids song-and-dance group in La Habra, CA for one season before being introduced to the wonderful world of musical theatre.

Ah! Musical theatre! It was there that I would spend the next @$#%@% years almost exclusively. At ten years old, I knew that I was going to be a professional actor. And that’s what I am today. Yay, me!

When I began taking film and TV classes, I discovered a much deeper form of acting than I realized was possible. I love both mediums for different reasons; it’s exhilerating to share the joy of music with the back row of the balcony, and incredibly tender to share moments of heartache with a camera 24 inches from my nose. They are both blissful!

So, now you know a bunch about me. You can find out about my credits on my Resume page, while you can see some of my projects and hear me sing on my Media page.

Thanks for reading and I hope we see each other soon!

Cecily Sig